About Me


Kolapalli Sunil Raghu Vamsee

Developer and UX Designer

A bit about me

Hi, I am K. Sunil Raghu Vamsee and I am a developer and designer who loves to talk about coding and UX as a subject. And if you talk about dogs or biking we will be going a long way...

What can I help you with?

Some of the following are the things that I can help you professionally:

  • Planning and building a brand for yourself or for your organization
  • Taking your idea from the ideation stage to deployment.

Some technical things I work with

  • PHP
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JS
  • JQuery
  • Laravel
  • Android

Other works that I can do for you

Planning an app- Taking your idea and bring it a workable scenario

Content ideation- Understand and plan the content to be placed and where it needs to be placed.