A Developer & UX Designer who can translate your idea of a next gen app into a reality

Finding that one person who would be making the MVP and make updates to your product or website isn't an easy task and shouldn't be taken easy. Hi I am K. Sunil Raghu Vamsee and I am here to make your dream app become a reality.

How can I help you?

The major setbacks for a person/team for achieving the MVP in a well planned and qualitative manner is a big challenge. Once I'm able to understand what you need in order to overcome any such setbacks, I can help you achieve your dream app using the following:


Web Development

Bringing your dream app to reality requires a thorough knowledge of the particular implementation. Having extensive experience in both front-end and back-end systems. I'm ready to help with your business succeed by the following services:

  • JQuery, Bootstrap
  • PHP with Laravel


Bringing out a solution for your setbacks require someone like me who can look towards where you want to go at the same time keeping an eye on where you are currently. This is done with the following:

  • Information Architecture & Wireframes
  • Interactive prototyping
  • High-Fidelity mockups

Product Development

Some projects need someone who is aware of every detail of a project and can take the team from concept to reality. While I am capable of doing myself, I'm also capable of reaching out to my network to form and lead a team through the entire product development process. Doing so helps in bigger projects that need more power that a single person contracted even fulltime can provide.

Why should you trust me?

Since 2009, I've been working with companies in-house as a consultant developer in bringing their specific requirements to reality. Having started as a developer and 1+ years of working as UX consultant I have a wide range of experiences that tie all together to create a keen eye for macro and micro scope of project.

Can I really help you?

I am positive that I can, in a subtle way let me put it this way... if we chat and I'm not certain that your investment will make a profitable return or I'm not capable of helping you out. I'll let you know upfront. There is no point wasting your time or budget. In other words, I'll help you out only if I am certain that there is a chance for a positive result.

My Promises

I assume this would go without saying this day-and-age, but I'd rather be clear about how I work and what I promise. Therefore I will...

  • Deliver what I promise, on budget, to your satisfaction
  • Working with best accuracy and on target
  • Communicate consistently & transparently.

Still not sure? Let me help clarifying a few things.

If you are looking for a project that was to be completed way before, then I'm probably not your guy.

If your project is simply patching up some leaks, there is a good chance I won't be able to help you there

If you don't care for the latest technology and making a site that's performant & designed for the users, then I am definetly not your guy.

Otherwise, let's get started on working on your dream project